Naomi Rossdeutscher, a Flickerfest winner and nominated for an IF Award has gained skills in writing, directing and stills photography



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Photographer and filmmaker, Naomi Rossdeutscher is among the finalists in this year's Inside Film Awards.

SOUL MATES, written and directed by Naomi was shot on 16mm film by award winning cinematographer Paul Howard and edited at Island Films by Nicholas Beauman. SOUL MATES stars Australian actors Barry Otto, Leeanna Walsman and Damian De Montemas, alongside an extraordinary, hairless dog named Skye. The 22 minute film spans a critical turning point in the life of Paddy Byrne (played by Barry Otto) struggling with grief and loneliness. Paddy's inner struggle ends in a moment of clarity when he makes a radical decision that drastically effects the tenants in his building.

This incredibly stirring film leaves the audience contemplating just how far they would go for a chance to feel alive again. Naomi explains the concept and how Barry came to play the lead:

"The story was inspired by my Grandmother who felt left behind by the friends who had shared and witnessed her life. I was looking for a female lead, an Aussie version of Judy Dench, as she was so much like her, but when I saw Barry's theatre performance, he seemed to have an energy and cheekiness that reminded me of Nan and an extremely absorbing presence, so I changed my protagonist to a male character and wrote the script for him. Fortunately he said yes straight away."

Soul Mates was nominated for an Inside Film Award, which is the people's choice awards for Australian films that recognises the outstanding talent this country has to offer.

"I couldn't believe our film was chosen from the hundreds of amazing films that I'd seen over this year," says Naomi. "Absolutely loving script writing and having this recognition has inspired me to keep going in this challenging field."

Earlier this year, SOUL MATES struck a cord with audiences around the country when it was voted as the Most Popular Film at Flickerfest.