The Wolf of Wall Street

I will see any film with Leonardo DeCaprio in it, especially when it's directed by Martin Scorsese and based on a real story, so I was pretty excited when I went into the cinema.

The opening scene lays out exactly where the film is going, unfortunately it stays there a bit too long for me. Of course Leo gives a great performance, when doesn't he? And the film is hilarious in parts, especially the overdose scene, you can see why Leo won a Best Actor in a comedy award, although Matthew McConaughey was pretty funny too. But why is it so long?

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Film Review: MANDELA: Long Walk to Freedom

A compelling story of Mandela's politics, his struggles and sacrifices and how he changed his country, but at it's heart of this film lies a love story. The narrative spans his life before, during and after prison and includes insight into his family, comrades, loves and personal heartache, while offering a powerful cinematic experience. I highly recommend it...Naomi

MANDELA: Long Walk to Freedom

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It was with a rush of excitement that I seated myself down back and centre to see the third film in the Twilight franchise, Eclipse - Choc Top unwrapped, anticipating the trip back into this world of love and fantasy. It started a little scarier than expected, which was grabbed my attention immediately. There was a lot more action, plenty of romance and even a few laughs - plus I swooned, yes I admit it. But isn't that the idea?
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