Zac Efron at world premiere of his latest movie: THE LUCKY ONE

"After 'Marry me Zac' pierces my eardrums, I'm thinking images of Zac Efron in a sex scene with Taylor Schilling will be a crowd pleaser" ...Naomi

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

6pm Red Carpet... 7pm Movie. "I might as well turn up at 6.30 'cause ZAC EFRON will probably come late, let the local celeb's do the red carpet first" I decide. Time to line my stomach with sashimi so the sugar I digest later doesn't send me hyper.

6.15pm stomach content, I wander through Westfield Bondi Junction, toward the sound of wild screeching. I know that's not murder of the cruel kind, he must be on time. And he is. Zac Efron, teen heart-throb, in a grey suit and slicked hair, his cheeks a little fuller than previously, smiling and waving for three shopping-centre tiers of hair-sprayed girls in tiny, fitted dresses.

I battle through dazed onlookers and security, to the red carpet. Zac is surrounded by his people, I can see the back of his head - a contemporary-retro haircut. He takes his time, stopping for photos, a chat, a kiss 'on the cheek' - in his element it seems.

I'm deafened by an ear piercing squeal that stands out from the screaming mass and I turn to hear "Zac! Marry me Zac!" She looks 19, why would she want to marry this handsome stranger with the blue eyes and curly eyelashes, at 19? When interviewed, it appears that all the girls, plus two fashionable fellas, want to 'marry' Zac. One harps, "You know you want to marry me Zac!" Clearly he does, as he walks away.

Of course, they're just having fun and blissfully overwhelmed by the mere closeness of this amiable film star. To save my ear drums, I make my way to where I know they harbour Malteser's, wondering if a crowd of teenage boys would shout "You know you want to marry me, Megan" when Megan Fox is on the red carpet?

Settled in and ready for the film, THE LUCKY ONE, about a marine, played by Zac Efron, who is looking for a girl in a photo he found, when on his last tour of duty, to thank her for saving his life.

After watching a 'behind the scenes' shoot and the actors talk about the film and each other, we're visited by ZAC EFRON himself with the Australian Super-Director SCOTT HICKS, known best for SHINE, SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS, HEARTS IN ATLANTIS and THE BOYS ARE BACK. A quick intro and they roll the film.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

With stunning cinematography and a glorious location, THE LUCKY ONE is a good old-fashioned, enjoyable love story and the imagery of Zac Efron in a sex scene with TAYLOR SCHILLING is a crowd pleaser - the audience I shared with were appreciative and exceedingly vocal about it.

Photo by Alan Markfield