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Film Review: MAGIC MIKE
I thought this film was hilarious and man, can they dance ...Naomi
MATT BOMER, CHANNING TATUM, ADAM RODRIGUEZ, JOE MANGANIELLO in Warner Bros. Pictures’ dramatic comedy “MAGIC MIKE,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. Photo by Claudette Barius
 My movie going partner had a minor mishap at work & had to hang around and fix it, so I ended up going to this film by myself, plus I was I was expecting it to be lame, so not a great start to the evening. Of course, I wasn't really by myself, being surrounded by an audience bubbling with anticipation & then two shirt-less men in bow ties proceded to dance all over the girls sitting in the aisles, 'thank god I sit in the centre.' That was a preview warm up I will remember.
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