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"Theatrical and fun, not a dull moment, I highly recommend it"                  Naomi Rossdeutscher

A dusty, hot Tuesday night at the Australian Premier and a full house. Just settled after some serious seat hopping, we are trying to sit behind the shortest, quietest person, while still getting the perfect balance of sound. Stocked up with heavily salted popcorn and a glass of bubbly, I'm ready and waiting, when an entire row of kids arrive - all boys. I notice I'm not the only one concerned about their creative popcorn stunts and hyperactivity, there's some serious movie buffs here... this could go badly. But the Australian supermodel sitting in a tiny miniskirt next to me is smiling and calm, so I hold it together.

It's time, they roll the reel and we get a "hello" from a few of the young actors who couldn't make it to the premier... it's okay, no probs, I don't feel jilted, I'm here for the film.

...and off we go, no messing around now and I'm glad of it. I don't remember what hooked me and took me out of my real world and into theirs, because it happened so fast. Thankfully, the entire audience seemed to be silently riveted right to the end, especially the row of hyper-boys - nice marketing.


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