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"LION, based on an incredible true story, is a powerful and satisfying cinematic experience full emotion, adventure, danger and bravery, and one of the best films I've seen for a long time" ...  Naomi Rossdeutscher

Like so many others, I read the incredible true story of Saroo Brierley in a news article and was fascinated. My Mum and I talked started researching the story because we wanted to know more... so when David Wenham mentioned, at Cinefest Oz, that Transmission films were making the film, we were filled with anticipation. The film is LION, and while highlighting the strong bond of family it also brings to light the tragic plight of countless disadvantaged children in India.

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Beautiful clothes on beautiful people. The 2013 AACTA Awards was a bit of fun I thought I was going to miss, with all the flooding a few days before.

I had serious garment envy, but where would I don such dresses? Maybe I should fan around my computer in an Armani Privi and vintage jewellery while I'm script writing, it could be a real factor in breaking the rusty padlocks from the dank cells hidden in my writers imagination. I'm liking that idea and how glamorous I would feel, just as long as my cats and the dog I'm baby sitting don't require me to chase them around the garden, rub their furry cheeks and pick up poop while I'm brainstorming in my Givenchy stilettos.

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