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BOAT International’s 2019 Ocean Talks in London

"LION, based on an incredible true story, is a powerful and satisfying cinematic experience full emotion, adventure, danger and bravery, and one of the best films I've seen for a long time" ...  Naomi Rossdeutscher

Like so many others, I read the incredible true story of Saroo Brierley in a news article and was fascinated. My Mum and I talked started researching the story because we wanted to know more... so when David Wenham mentioned, at Cinefest Oz, that Transmission films were making the film, we were filled with anticipation. The film is LION, and while highlighting the strong bond of family it also brings to light the tragic plight of countless disadvantaged children in India.

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A haunting story with passionate performances and real characters that have stayed with me... Naomi Rossdeutscher

A Place Beyond The Pines - Ryan Gosling

After watching Ryan Gosling and director Derek Cianfrance promote 'Blue Valentine' at Cannes a few years back, I was intrigued to see they were doing another film together and really looking forward to experiencing it. The casting of Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, Ben Mendelsohn, Rose Byrne and Ray Liotta was also a huge attraction.

...And I wasn't disappointed. I love the independent look and feel of the film, the telling of one story and then moving onto another and finally marrying them together, unveiling the consequences. But it's the passionate performances and real characters that have stayed with me. I particularly enjoyed Ben Mendelsohn, who was exceptional playing a car mechanic, and Ryan Goslings' character left me feeling a haunting loss.

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