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Film Review: INCEPTION

INCEPTION is a big budget, sci-fi thriller that demands you pay close attention for the entire 148 minutes, as this wild ride only occasionally pauses for a breather.

English born writer and director, Christopher Nolan (MEMENTO, INSOMNIA, THE DARK NIGHT) once again, plays with time, memories, reality and loss and impresses with his clever staging of his clever scenes. The surreal visual effects, where buildings appear and double over, are spectacular - reminiscent of The Matrix, Dark City (with Rufus Sewell). I'm itching to see how it was made and to hear the directors’ commentary.

The magnetic Leonardo DiCaprio, plays Cobb, a man whose job is to infiltrate his target's brain to steal secrets, while in a dream state. He struggles with loss, takes some huge risks and like many espionage films, there’s a need for a crack team. I greatly enjoyed his tender scenes with the beautiful Marion Cotillard, (LA VIE EN ROSE). They really delivered the goods.

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