PHOTOGRAPHY: Naomi at work

Okay, for those who asked: this is me shooting in the News Ltd studio in Holt St, Sydney.

I chose this picture because it shows a funny thing I do when directing a model to strike a particular pose such as "push the right hip out a little" I end up striking the pose and it seems I hold it while shooting too, what a dag.

From this shoot came two favourite images of Anissa, a very beautiful Chadwick Model

 Styling by Nicola Hill | Hair by Mak Anastopolous | Makeup by Carmen from Napoleon Perdis

These two photographs were taken on a Nikon D2X, an old camera now. I lit the model with one light in a soft box, set slightly off centre and I cut the light so it would mainly spill down the centre and create soft shadows.

Unfortunately, the fabulous magazine I was shooting for, Nine to Five Magazine, was closed last year. I photographed the covers and editorial for many years, along side a hard working editorial team - typing their fingerprints away, all on an extremely tight budget.

Oh well, c'est la vie.