Photography: MOVIE POSTERS

I've been writing the 5 pages a day of my new screenplay & on the days I couldn't get to the computer I've been thinking about the story, making changes & coming up with new ideas. It's going really well... I think. While I'm writing, take a look at some images I took a few years ago Naomi Rossdeutscher

I took these photos for the Nine to Five Magazine, editorial fashion pages. I thought it would be fun to do a take-off of film posters and DVD covers. Abi Weeks, my editor, loved the idea and came up with the titles.

We had a miniscule budget, you wouldn't believe it if I told you, so we used the same two models in all of them and shot it in approx 5 hours. The hair, make up and wardrobe had to be completely reworked, so it was done in a blaze of madness in the studio. I shot them on a white background and changed the lighting to align with the originals.

GONE WITH THE DUST STORM related to the spooky red dust that settled over Sydney at the time and MR & MRS KINGS CROSS SOCIALITE tied in with the new series of Underbelly that was airing, plus there is a BREAKFAST AT GLORIA JEANS - which I can't find a copy of.

But my favourite image made the cover. You don't need to be a crazed film buff to guess this one.

Make-up is by one of my favourite make-up artists, Jaclyn Hnitko. There's not much Jaclyn can't do with her brushes.

Hair by Ivan Chircop, a stylist borrowed from Christopher Hanna.

Wardrobe Styling by international jet setter Prue Roberts & assistant Nicola Hill

Graphic Design by Ivan Prsa

Models Linsday & Lachlan, from Chadwick Model Agency