Photography: Champagne and Flutes

I am shooting stills photography for NORTHSIDE MAGAZINE for a few weeks. It's mad busy but I'm having fun eating Yum Cha with Editor Abi Weeks and tripping all over the beautiful North Side of Sydney.

I believe Sydney is at it's best when seen from a boat. The tucked away beaches, glorious mansions, wildlife and cafes around the harbour are simply stunning. If you don't have a boat, you can hire one, but walking will get you there too.

BELLA loves boating around Sydney with me

 I photographed one of Australias most successful Flautists, JANE RUTTER, for the Magazine. She's a warm and creative lady who is friends with many renowned artists.

...Plus a couple of traveling Champagne connoisseurs, who gave me a taste of CHAMPAGNE MAILLY BRUT ROSE in the cellar of one of the biggest wine collectors in the Southern Hemisphere. MAILLY (pronounce May) is amazing, up there with VEUVE CLIQUOT for me, scented and fruity and doesn't make me sneeze, which is amazing in itself.

...I photographed the Superintendent of Police in Chatswood. He was a fascinating, funny man who told incredible stories of his career, inspiring admiration for his passion, smarts and experience. Exceptional research for my screen writing too.

...Most recently I photographed a gentle man who initially came to Australia from Vietnam as a 'boat person' and has worked his way up to owning his own Vietnamese Restaurant and Wine Bar in Crows nest. One of his most divine dishes is 'Caramelised Salmon', just the scent of it made my mouth water.

Today I'm off to take photos at 'Bather's Pavilion' with that expansive view over Balmoral Beach. Unfortunately I won't be eating there - the food as I remember is exquisite.