'NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN is a raunchy, Aussie rom-com, well suited for the youth of today and great fun to watch, I highly recommend it' ... Naomi Rossdeutscher

A 19 year old party boy, discovers he has testicular cancer & will be infertile in a month, so he attempts to find a girl to mother a child with him before it's too late

I thought this was a great concept, a fast moving film, funny and very Australian. Some 'big issue' decisions are made quickly, but it didn't bother me, it's not like monumental decisions are never made that way in real life or made emotionally and without a lot of thought, especially when young and fearless and sometimes ill informed, so it wasn't a stretch of my imagination.

I like this type of cinematography too, by Lachlan Milne. Shot in very familiar inner Sydney locations with interesting camera angles. I feel it suits the audience.

Sometimes when working for magazines around town, a designer will request photos I could shoot with a junky camera & nasty flash, in the dead of night, in a shitty lane way, when everyone is crippled by drugs & lust - instead of the highly polished, funky shots with groovy framing that I spent years perfecting. The audience is always changing, so flow I go.

Ryan Kwantan plays the earnest, if slightly dopey, protagonist with skill, but it was Sarah Snook's performance of his flat mate & caring friend that I enjoyed watching the most, she shines. Ryan Corr's performance of the flatmate seriously trying to make some dough from throwing weekly parties, gave me a laugh & reminded me of Rhys Ifan's dopey flatmate in Notting Hill.

I knew this was a rom-com, so I wasn't expecting it to take a serious look at the effects of cancer, but it does put it out there for thought and discussion.

This is Australian Writer/Director Peter Templeman's debut feature film. There's plenty of sex, awkward moments, drugs and music for the target audience to relate to. It was great fun to watch and I believe will be a far more rewarding film for some viewers than the many other baby making/parenting films out at the moment.

Not Suitable for Children. Ryan Corr, Ryan Kwantan, Sarah Snook


I met Ryan Kwantan at the IF Awards a few years back and commented 'I just watched season one and two of TRUE BLOOD and loved it' He replied 'then don't see season three' though I'm not sure why he said it, maybe he was just in a bad mood. At a MAX Session (a muso's gig for a small audience - recorded for MAX TV) I saw SEAL perform, he was amazing. My niece-in-law was there with hubby (who was filming) and she was more excited by seeing Ryan Kwantan in the audience, than SEAL. 'Oh Naomi, have you seen him in True Blood? Oh my god' I'm more of a DeCaprio, Clooney, Clive Owen kind of girl, but I agree he's very talented.

NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN opened the Sydney Film Festival this year and was sold out

Ryan Corr & Sarah Snook. Photo by Fiona Lumsdaine


Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Sarah Snook, Ryan Corr, Bojana Novakovic and many others

Director: Peter Templeman

Screenwriter: Michael Lucas

Producer: Jodi Matterson

Executive producers: Bruna Papandrea, Gary Hamilton, Darren Ashton

Director of photography: Lachlan Milne

Production designer: Elizabeth Mary Moore

Costume designer: Gypsy Taylor

Music: Matteo Zingales, Jono Ma

Editor: Matthew Walker