Film Review: INCEPTION

INCEPTION is a big budget, sci-fi thriller that demands you pay close attention for the entire 148 minutes, as this wild ride only occasionally pauses for a breather.

English born writer and director, Christopher Nolan (MEMENTO, INSOMNIA, THE DARK NIGHT) once again, plays with time, memories, reality and loss and impresses with his clever staging of his clever scenes. The surreal visual effects, where buildings appear and double over, are spectacular - reminiscent of The Matrix, Dark City (with Rufus Sewell). I'm itching to see how it was made and to hear the directors’ commentary.

Leonardo DiCaprio, plays Cobb, a man whose job is to infiltrate his target's brain to steal secrets, while in a dream state. He struggles with loss, takes some huge risks and like many espionage films, there’s a need for a crack team. I enjoyed his tender scenes with Marion Cotillard, (LA VIE EN ROSE).

A smart concept and a stellar cast, plus incredible editing by Lee Smith..

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has one of the coolest scenes, fighting off trouble while running across walls and ceilings, totally defying gravity. (NB: If you haven't seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the film, THE LOOKOUT, take a peek at the DVD, it’s a very satisfying movie and he's impressive.

English actor Tom Hardy (BRONSON) turned out to be an unexpected bit of eye candy and I hear he's playing the lead in George Miller's next MAD MAX film. Good call Dr Miller, I'll be lining up to see that.

The concept grows more complex as it goes, but there’s plenty of exposition to fill in the gaps with intricate details and keep you on track. Being in the dreamscape was incredibly enjoyable.

Cinematography by Wally Pfister and production design by Guy Hendrix Dyas.

I love it when you watch a movie and the audience is in sync - our collective groan and giggle in the last scene left a lingering smile on my face, as we all staggered, slightly disorientated from the cinema.

INCEPTION is the action, espionage film of the moment, layered with mind bending ideas and special effects best experienced on the big screen, but I would recommend that you pack your stamina and hold on to your seat, because this film is a roller-coaster action joyride.