Guest blog by Director of Photography ... PAUL HOWARD

Day 2 - Our New York adventure started with a 2am visit to the hospital for one of our students Sam Pacitorusconi. He caught one of his fingers in the door as it shut and very nearly left it there! After x-rays, needles and expert advice, Sam was bandaged up with no serious injury and given the all clear. Phew!

Our mission today was to visit B&H NY Super-store, the Holy Grail of film equipment sales here. Shooting our film with a Canon 5D mkII and a Canon 7D  (a format suited to our "guerilla" approach & visual style) we needed extra equipment. B&H operates like a well oiled machine with  products whizzing overhead. After a few hours viewing endless rows of super cool toys, the students and I departed, dazed and amazed by what we'd seen.

Meanwhile, director Phil Moore and student actress Gillian Fahey were uptown rehearsing with the other actors, work-shopping scenes and tightening the dialogue. 

I've come to realize moving 14 people around NYC can take a considerable amount of time, partly due to the size of our group and partly due to New Yorkers love of having a chat! Just getting a US mobile phone can take up to an hour.

We ended the day with a tasty traditional pizza at a hole in the wall, all smiles, all exhausted.