Film: Elisabeth Moss, Adam Arkapaw & Gillian Armstrong

Did anyone notice the fabulous Elisabeth Moss was at the closing night film and red carpet for the Sydney Film Festival, with her boyfriend Adam Arkapaw?

I remember seeing her first as the presidents daughter in the West Wing. I've seen the entire West Wing series three times now and I could just keep watching it. How thrilling was the ep. when her character was kidnapped? Wish I'd been on that writing team - even just to watch. And more recently I've enjoyed her playing one of the most interesting characters on Mad Men.

Elisabeth Moss and Adam Arkapaw. Photo by Cynthia Sciberras

Director & producer, Gillian Armstrong was also on the red carpet & it made me think, 'wouldn't it be amazing if Elizabeth Moss starred in an Aussie film (my new screenplay) & Gillian Armstrong produced it?'

#NB: When directing Barry Otto, he regularly commented that I reminded him of Gillian Armstrong (I guess he meant in looks & mannerisms) And while editing my film - with the legendary Nicholas Beauman, he mentioned the same (he was working with her on 'Unfolding Florence: The Many Lives Of Florence Broadhurst' a Docu/Drama based on the flamboyant design pioneer - and said the doco was fascinating.

Apparently both Otto & Beauman also mentioned it to Armstrong and she said, 'I hope she's not huge with a great big mole on her nose' I thought that was funny and have had many a chance to chat to her about it - at various events, but I've always been too shy.

Gillian Armstrong. Photo by Cynthia Sciberras

Of course I imagine everyone knows Gillian Armstrong, but if you don't, a couple of her great films are My Brilliant Career, High Tide, Little Women, Oscar & Lucinda, Charlotte Gray, Death Defying Acts and currently working on The Great, with Annette Bening, plus many many more.

LEFT: DOP Paul Howard, Naomi Rossdeutscher, Barry Otto | RIGHT: Nicholas Beauman with Naomi Rossdeutscher