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An emotional, gripping film that makes you want to stand up and shout

Winner of the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Directed by KEN LOACH. Written by PAUL LAVERTY


Nocturnal Animals is a cautionary tale about coming to terms with the choices that we make as we move through life and of the consequences that our decisions may have. In an increasingly disposable culture where everything including our relationships can be so easily tossed away, this is a story of loyalty, dedication and of love. It is a story of the isolation that we all feel, and of the importance of valuing the personal connections in life that sustain us – Tom Ford
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"Stunning! THE REVENANT is gritty, primal, completely riveting and will probably win every award going, it has my vote" ... Naomi Rossdeutscher

I took my Mum and she loved it too, we fancied watching it again the very next day, so you see it's not a blokes-only film at all. The Director, Alejandro G. Iñárritu, has made some of the best cinema in recent years, including directing one of my favorite films, BIUTIFUL, with Javier Bardem, plus 21 GRAMS with Naomi Watts and Benecio del Toro. His films are unique with strong, passionate characters, and mystical elements.


Academy Award®-winning director Alejandro G. Iñárritu brings the legend of Hugh Glass to the screen with an epic adventure set in the unchartered 19th century American Frontier. While on an expedition into the wilderness, explorer Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is attacked & abandoned. Near death, Glass undertakes an incredible 200-mile journey through a vast, icy wild West on the trail of fellow fur trader John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). He discovers inner strength and resilience to the brutality of man, animal and nature as he struggles for survival.

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"Funniest film I've seen in a long while, and not just a giggle here and there,  SISTERS cracked me up from start to finish and it was not just me, I heard unbridled guffawing from the audience too." ... Naomi Rossdeutscher

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler reunite for Sisters, a new film from Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore about two disconnected sisters summoned home to clean out their childhood bedroom before their parents sell the family house.  Looking to recapture their glory days, they throw one final high-school-style party for their classmates, which turns into the cathartic rager that a bunch of ground-down adults really need. 

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In a time when audiences are well versed in the fast cut movies, with stories that start on the run and don't let up until the end, where characters change completely from start to finish and every word and scene must move the story forward and never repeat itself, BY THE SEA, really stands apart. It's a brave film, very European in style and fascinating, I really enjoyed it. If you go into the film prepared to sit back and let the story unwind slowly you just might love this film too.

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The Wolf of Wall Street

I will see any film with Leonardo DeCaprio in it, especially when it's directed by Martin Scorsese and based on a real story, so I was pretty excited when I went into the cinema.

The opening scene lays out exactly where the film is going, unfortunately it stays there a bit too long for me. Of course Leo gives a great performance, when doesn't he? And the film is hilarious in parts, especially the overdose scene, you can see why Leo won a Best Actor in a comedy award, although Matthew McConaughey was pretty funny too. But why is it so long?

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