An unusual choice of lovers for Robert Pattinson

"If you want something a little different and are willing to go with it, then this is the movie for you" ...Naomi

Robert Pattinson. Photo by Caitlin Cronenberg

Robert Pattinson plays Eric Packer, an uber wealthy, intuitive man of the world, who spends his days doing business in a limousine, drifting through city streets while staff, lovers and a doctor come and go as ordered. His day quickly spirals out of control when he loses massive sums of money and his life is threatened by an unknown source.

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At the Ian Macpherson Memorial Lecture, a Sydney Film Festival event, David Stratton interviewed Bryan Brown about movies & movie making & this is what I discovered...Naomi Rossdeutscher

BRYAN BROWN grew up in Bankstown, in State Housing with his mum. As a child he used to watch Westerns and Tarzan and during interval at the movies he'd swap comic books.

He joined AMP, training to be a mathematician but ended up working as a salesman, hoping to meet girls & have a beer. But it was the AMP drama club that won his heart. He auditioned for the end of year revue, was accepted & discovered a great passion, finding rehearsal utterly thrilling & emotionally overwhelming, feeling alive like never before & compared the feeling to scoring a tri at football.

Later, Brown joined an amateur theatre group and performed until he was 25, but at the time all he saw was American or English plays, so he travelled to England and hit the boards in search of experience.

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Interview: BIANCA CHONG - Stylist

A fashion stylist can redesign your entire look, starting by sorting through your wardrobe, followed by shopping with or for you and then teaching you how to co-ordinate garments. Most commonly, stylists will work with celebrities or models and sometimes the looks they create set fashion trends for the season. Stylists are often employed to create an image for TV shows, films or editorial fashion. The work consists of consulting, researching, sourcing items, getting to know designers, doing fittings, getting everything to the shoots, pulling the look together, doing returns and keeping records. I hear the job is incredibly satisfying.

I recently asked Stylist BIANCA CHONG a few questions...

Bianca Chong - StylisNAOMI: You’re making it big in styling, how did you carve a place for yourself in this wild fashion battleground?

BIANCA: I started working in London at Calvin Klein as a Visual Merchandiser and styled some of their fashion shows, look books and show rooms. I then moved to Brussels in Belgium and worked for Levi’s European HQ as a VM – co ordinate for Europe which involved VM and styling marketing campaigns, fashion shows and look books. Now I'm back in Sydney as a freelance fashion/props/interior stylist.

 NAOMI: Is there an illusive garment or accessory you’re in search of right now?

BIANCA: I am looking for an amazing kaftan, which I don’t have to iron, looks amazing and I can wear day and night, teamed with a killer pair of heels or boots and belt it low slung, with my big handbag.

NAOMI: Rummaging through a garage sale, what item would you scramble for - shrieking in delight?

BIANCA: Anything sparkly, vintage, original and a rare find. I hate looking like everybody else.

NAOMI: When you put your sequined toolbox down whom, (stylist, designer, model, hobo) would you love to chew the gibberish with, in an all night café?

BIANCA: Johnny Depp Please, he is hot, and amazing actor and I love his eclectic sense of style.

NAOMI: What fashion faux pas should be exterminated?

BIANCA: Bubble skirts, so done in the 80’s, they looked hideous then why bring them back?

NAOMI: What mad new look spikes your passion?

BIANCA: I love my bright block colours which we have seen around this season, I was in Singapore last week and Kate Spade  are doing amazing bright pink and orange clutches. I will have one of those thanks.

The images here are a sample of Bianca's styling

BIANCA CHONG can be contacted at HOUSE OF RED